Summer Activities

Summer time is here whoohoo!! Although social distancing is still recommended we do not have to let that stop our summer fun. Below are “social distancing ready” summer activities that you can enjoy with your family.

1. Picnic- Pack up your favorite foods and drinks to enjoy a nice picnic at your local park.

2. Pool- Some neighborhoods have restrictions on the number of guests at the pool which helps with social distancing and most importantly your safety. So enjoy a splash in the sunshine.

3. Beach- Pick a spot away from the crowd. Enjoy a nice day at the beach.

4. Backyard Waterworld- This one is especially fun for kids. Amazon prime some water equipment and create your own backyard water park (slip n slide, inflatable pool, water sprinkler, water balloons) Hey adults can bring their inner child out and get in on the fun too.

5. Trails- Take a nice bike ride, walk, or run around trails in your city with your close friends or family. Make sure to take your water bottle. You can also make it a nature adventure for your kids.

Remember, we are all in this journey together!